Stimulus Packages, Interest Rates, and Real Estate—Oh My!

From the recurring stimulus packages in Washington, to the stagnant interest rates in the bond market, this past year has provided a slew of questions and challenges when it comes to planning for your financial future. Some families are jumping at the chance to buy a new home while interest rates are low, while business owners are struggling to find employees at a time when unemployment offers higher earnings than minimum wage. There are so many current obstacles and opportunities that affect the way we think about our money, but it’s important to make sound choices with the end-game in mind.

Whether you're a teacher trying to maximize her 401(k) or a business owner who needs a stronger succession plan, it’s tough to make the best decisions without knowledgeable, objective guidance. Your wealth management choices should align with your values, goals, and current state of life—not just what seems to make sense at the moment. That’s why, in times like these, it pays to have a dedicated advisor who can provide clarity and peace of mind when the world seems to be spinning at light speed.